II pillar

Bankruptcy of the Estate

Since 01.01.2014, trustees in bankruptcy have the right to cash the units of the mandatory funded pension out in case of bankruptcy of the estate.

Documents to be submitted to AS Pensionikeskus (or bank):

  • free form application,
  • notarized succession certificate, if issued,
  • court ruling regarding declaring the inherited estate bankrupt,
  • copy of the identity document of the trustee in bankruptcy.

The trustee in bankruptcy is required to submit an application and copies of the succession certificate, court ruling and identity document directly to the Estonian pension register:

  • by e-mail to the address info@pensionikeskus.ee
  • by fax to the number +372 6 408 801
  • by post to the address AS Pensionikeskus, Maakri St 19/2, Tallinn 10145

Income tax is withheld from the payment.

AS Pensionikeskus will use the data on the successors set forth on the succession certificate to declare the income tax to the Estonian Tax Board.

If according to the succession certificate, the successor is a local government, no income tax is withheld or declared.

In the absence of the succession certificate, no income tax is withheld or declared, but the bankruptcy ruling must contain a reference to the administrator of the estate appointed by the court.