II pillar

Pension investment account (PIK)

Opening a pension investment account in a bank

To open and register a pension investment account (PIK), you must contact the bank.

PIKs can be opened at the following banks:

AS Luminor Bank
Swedbank AS

PIK registration in a pension account

If the PIK is opened, it must also be registered in the pension account data. It is also organized by the bank.

You will see your PIK data in the pension account next to your personal data.

Setting PIK as the active option

In order to direct your current savings pension contributions to PIK, you can submit a savings pension selection application, with which PIK is designated as the active option.

Exchange of units to PIK

If you want to exchange the units of funds collected in your pension account to PIK, submit an application for exchanging units. This can be done after PIK is registered in the bank.

In the specific data of the application, select the source fund and direct it to PIK in the desired percentage.