II pillar

Payments from II pillar

From 1 January 2021, you can go on a II pillar pension for a maximum of 5 years before reaching retirement pension age. The retirement pension age depends on the year you were born.

If you go on the pension earlier, your pension will be lower by a corresponding amount.

Before submitting an application for disbursement:

  • think about your long-term income sources and
  • determine the value of your second-pillar assets.

You can find out the value of your funded pension assets on the self-service section of the Pension Centre website “My pension account“, at a bank or by contacting your insurer.

Option of combining

To receive your pension from the second-pillar, you have a few options, which can be combined:

In addition, you can combine the state pension and funded pension disbursements, as they are not connected to each other:

  • option of initially choosing only one of them, you can postpone receiving the second part and thereby increase the value of the second pension.

Postponing going on a pension will increase both the state pension and the funded pension.

Discontinuing contributions

If your application was submitted in 2020 and the disbursement takes place in December at the latest, your contributions was halted as of 31 December 2020.

From 1 January 2021

The application must be in the required form and be submitted to the registrar by:

  • 31 March – for ending a payment starting 1 September;
  • 31 July – for ending a payment starting 1 January;
  • 31 November – for ending a payment starting 1 May;

No work capacity

If you are receiving a pension due to lack of work ability, the disbursements are income-tax-exempt.

Options for receiving pension:

If you receive your work ability, you can re-join the funded pension.