2+4 funded pension? is it something for me?
Estonian CSD opened Funded Pension website – Pensionikeskus
The state pension reform communication campaign started

Estonian CSD opened Funded Pension website – Pensionikeskus


On March 4, the Estonian Central Depository for Securities in co-operation with the Ministry of Finance opened a public website Pensionikeskus for introducing the funded pension of Estonia at the address www.pensionikeskus.ee.

The website provides answers to the main questions related to the pension system, focusing on the funded pension or the so-called “second pillar” of the pension system.

The website will also provide information about all competing funded pension funds. Information about pension funds will be published on current basis immediately after registration of the funds and fund rules by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

From 1st May of 2002 it will be possible to make choices of pension funds and submit subscription applications through the website.