II pillar

Changing the rate of contributions to 2%, 4% or 6%

Rates of contributions to mandatory funded pensions 2%, 4% and 6%

From January 1, 2025 contributions to pillar II can be made at 4 or 6% of the gross salary instead of the usual 2%. Increasing the contribution rate is optional, by default the contribution rate of 2% continues to apply.

The choice of the contribution rate of 2, 4 or 6% does not affect the pension contributions made from social tax. In case of all three options, 4% of the social tax is transferred to the II pillar. That means, the increase of the contribution rate does not reduce the pension rights accumulated in the I pillar.

The new contribution rate always applies from January and is valid until a new contribution rate will be chosen. The contribution rate can be changed once a year.

Applicaton for changing the rate of contributions

The application for changing the rate of contributions can be submitted at any time.

In order for the new contribution rate to apply as soon as possible, i.e. from January 2025, the application must be submitted by the end of November 2024 at the latest.

Until the end of November, the choice of the contribution rate can also be changed. For this you would have to submit a new application for changing the rate of contributions.

If the application is submitted in December 2024, the new contribution rate will apply from January of the year following the next year. This application can also be changed until the end of November next year.

Applications can be submitted to Pensionikeskus by logging into the self-service environment “My pension account” or by using the options offered by account operatos (banks), starting from January, 2024.