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For war refugees from Ukraine

30.03.22 Pensionikeskus

Estonian pension system and payment of funded pension 2%

Estonian pension system consists of the so-called three pillars:

– state pension or Pillar I. 33% of the social tax paid by the employer is 20% of the state pension, ie the share of the first pillar (16% for people who have joined the second pillar) and 13% of the the health insurance.

– funded pension or Pillar II. In the case of people who have joined the second pillar, 2% of the funde pension tax is deducted from their salary, and 4% is added to it at the expense of the first pillar or social tax.

– supplementary funded pension or Pillar III.

Funded pension payments (Pillar II)

As an Estonian resident, people who were born in 1983 and later will immediately join a funded pension, i.e. the second pillar.

If you were born in 1983 or later, you submit an R-form to the Tax and Customs Board and become a tax resident of Estonia, then you must also decide whether or not you want to join a funded pension, i.e. the second pillar.

If you do not want to join a funded pension, i.e. Pillar II, it is very important that you submit an application (separate form – application for non-payment) in the self-service environment of the Pension Center “My pension account“ , in the internet bank or at a bank branch on the spot.

More information and the application form

You do not have the possibility to use an ID card or Mobile ID or Internet banking, it is necessary to go to the bank branch on the spot.

You can also find the bank branches of larger centers from the link above, where you can go to apply even if you are not a customer of a specific bank.

If you submit a non-payment application, you will only be able to re-join the funded pension after 10 years.

The withholding and termination of the funded pension, i.e. the payment of the second pillar, starts and ends 3 times a year: from 1 January, 1 May or 1 September (depending on when you submit a non-payment application).

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