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Estonian CSD launched pension index


On July 1, 2002 Estonian CSD (ECSD) launched indices showing the weighted average yield of funded pension funds.

The indices reflect change in net asset value of pension funds’ fund units. Indices for funded pension funds are as follows:

  • EPI – general index;
  • EPI-100 – conservative (conservative strategy funds, asset allocation – 100% bonds);
  • EPI-75 – balanced (balanced strategy funds, asset allocation – at least 75% bonds and up to 25% shares);
  • EPI-50 – aggressive (aggressive investment strategy funds, asset allocation – at least 50% bonds and up to 50% shares).

The indices help to monitor long-term investment trends of the funded pension system. Persons who have joined the funded pension system may compare yield of the fund they chose with the market weighted average yield as well as with the respective figures of other funds of the same strategy.

Values of the indices are calculated every last workday at 17:00 on a weekly basis.
The base value of the indices is 100.

Index values and methodology can be obtained at www.pensionikeskus.ee.