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Estonia cuts fee cap and relaxes investment rules for pension funds


Pension funds motivated to make more money
Estonian government approves pension reform bill


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As from April 1, the average monthly retirement pension amounts to EUR 375.04

Changes in the Payment Order details of Voluntary Pension Funds

21.01.14 ECSD

As of February 1st, 2014 the payment details of investment funds will be changed in Estonian Central Securities Depository (hereinafter: ECSD).

In order to purchase investment fund units, the following fields of payment order must be filled in as of February 1st, 2014:

  • Beneficiary’s name: AS Eesti Väärtpaberikeskus
  • Beneficiary’s account number: select a suitable bank account of ECSD:
    Swedbank AS EE122200221058564458
    SEB Pank AS EE521010220225539223
    Danske Bank A/S Eesti filiaal EE683300333520310002
    Nordea Bank Finland Plc Eesti filiaal EE021700017003467691
  • Amount
  • Reference number: your securities’ account number
  • Payment description: unique processing code of an investment fund (starting with 301…).

NB! Please contact your account operator (bank) prior making the aforementioned payment, because procedures may vary depending on the account operator (bank).

Processing codes of voluntary pension funds which can be subscribed via ECSD:

SEB Aktiivne Pensionifond 30100740777
SEB Tasakaalukas Pensionifond 30100089357
LHV Täiendav Pensionifond 30100102959
Swedbank Pensionifond V1 30100075316
Swedbank Pensionifond V2 30100710325
Swedbank Pensionifond V3 30100710406
Pensionifond Danske Pension Intress Pluss 30101005754
Pensionifondi Danske Pension 100 Pluss 30100118147
ERGO Pensionifond 3P1 30100996864
ERGO Pensionifond 3P2 30100996945
ERGO Pensionifond 3P3 30100997025
Nordea Pensionifond Aktsiad 100 30100984232
Nordea Pensionifond Intress Pluss 301100000612