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Change of the funds

A fund of the mandatory funded pension (II pillar) can be replaced only with another fund of the mandatory funded pension.

The choice of the pension fund can be changed in two ways:

  • Directing contributions to a new fund – the units of the current fund will be retained and will continue earning in the former fund. After choosing a new fund, your future contributions will be transferred to a new fund, i.e. units of different funds will appear side by side in your pension account.
  • Changing the pension fund units – the units of one pension fund will be replaced with the units of a new pension fund selected by you.

Changing or Cancelling a Submitted Application

Until the deadline for the submission of applications for changing the units (30 November, 31 March or 31 July) the applications may be changed by submitting a new application for changing the units. On that application, the same pension fund must be indicated as the initial fund as the one on the previous application.


Example: An application is submitted: direct from the initial fund − 50% to fund 1 and 50% to fund 2. The next day a new application is submitted: direct from the same fund 30% to fund 4. Result: the first application is cancelled, 30% of the units of the initial fund are directed to pension fund 4.

Should you wish to cancel the application for changing the units and keep the units of the existing fund, a new application must be submitted, in which the existing fund is indicated as the initial fund and the option of the target fund is left empty.

Upon submitting an application for changing the pension fund units, your contributions are not automatically directed to a new fund. 

If you wish to direct your contributions to a new fund and replace the collected units with the units of a new fund, you are required to submit two applications:

  • choice application – to direct the contributions to a new pension fund and
  • application for changing the units of the pension fund.

The fee for application submission depends on the price list of the channel through which the application is submitted (Internet banks, Pension Centre’s My Account).

Upon changing the pension fund units between the funds of different management companies, the management company the units of which you are surrendering, will charge a redemption fee for taking the units back. In the case of replacements made within the same management company, no additional fees apply.

The redemption fee is not charged from an owner of units of mandatory pension fund who are in the age of old-age pension or from the persons who have five or less years left until they reach such age.