Estonian pension system

Funded pension

Infotelefon: +372 640 8886

I pillar

The state pension is based on the principle of solidarity, which means that currently employed people pay taxes to the state to pay pensions.

The State pension

Infotelefon: +372 612 1360

II pillar

The 2nd pillar is designed for people to accumulate their personal pension in addition to the state pension.

Mandatory funded pension

Infotelefon: +372 6408 886

III pillar

The 3rd pillar gives the opportunity to secure your retirement age even better in addition to the pillars 1st and 2nd.

Supplementary funded pension

Infotelefon: +372 6408 886

The queries, calculators and self-service are CLOSED


Due to large-scale changes in the information systems of the pension register, the queries, calculators and self-service of the “My account” are closed from August 3rd to August 6th, 2018. […]

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Pension (Latin: pensio, pay) is a regular payment made in case of old age, incapacity for work or loss of provider.