The word to describe the contributions of supplementary funded pension is flexibility:

  • You can determine yourself the amount of contributions,
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of savings according to your need,
  • You can temporarily suspend contributions,
  • You can take out part of the money before your retirement.
Pension insurance with Guaranteed Interest
Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE: Pension Insurance with Guaranteed Interest  from 25 euros per month
Pension Insurance with Investment Risk
Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE: Unit-linked Pension Insurance from 25 euros per month
Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE
AS SEB Life and Pension Insurance: Guaranteed Pension Insurance from 32 euros per month
AS SEB Life and Pension Insurance: Growth Portfolio for Pension from 30 euros per month
Swedbank Life Insurance SE: Pension Insurance+
Swedbank Life Insurance SE: Private Portfolio for Pension from 30 euros per month
Pension Fund
LHV Pension Fund Index Plus
LHV Pension Fund 100 Plus from 6,39 euros per month
LHV Supplementary Pension Fund
Luminor Equity 100 Pension Fund
Luminor Interest Plus Pension Fund
SEB Active Pension Fund
SEB Balanced Pension Fund
Swedbank Pension Fund V1 from 30 euros per month
Swedbank Pension Fund V1 from 30 euros per month
Swedbank Pension Fund V1 from 30 euros per month

Since 1 February 2014, the following fields must be completed on the payment orders for acquiring units of the funds of the supplementary funded pension must:

Payee: AS Pensionikeskus
Account of the payee: select the account number opened for AS Pensionikeskus in the commercial bank of your choice: Swedbank AS EE362200221067235244
SEB Pank AS EE141010220263146225
Danske Bank A/S Eesti filiaal EE943300332174610007
Luminor Bank AS EE961700017004379157
Reference number*: the securities account number to where you wish to buy the units of the fund
Explanation: the processing code referring to the respective pension fund, which starts with 301. Each fund has its unique code

*payment reference number for the employer’s pension: investor’s securities account number, employer’s registry code, check digit (all written together). The check digit is received by the method of 7-3-1 calculation (For more help see the webpage of the Estonian Banking Association

NB! We would like to point out that before making the described payments, the clients must contact the bank that manages their account, because the related procedures may differ in different banks.

The processing codes for indicating the voluntary funded pension funds:

LHV Supplementary Pension Fund 30100102959
LHV Pension Fund Index Plus 301100001006
Luminor Pension Fund Equity 100 30100984232
Luminor Pensionifond Interest Plus 301100000612
SEB Active Pension Fund 30100740777
SEB Balanced Pension Fund 30100089357
Swedbank Pension Fund V1 30100075316
Swedbank Pension Fund V2 30100710325
Swedbank Pension Fund V3 30100710406

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