Funds fees comparison

Fund Redemption fee Management fee Total expense ratio
LHV Pension Fund Index Plus 0% 0,39% 0,75%
LHV Supplementary Pension Fund 1% 1% 1,36%
Luminor Aktsiad 100 Pension Fund 1% 1,50% 2,12%
Luminor Intress Pluss Pension Fund 1% 1,2% 1,84%
SEB Active Pension Fund 1% 1,5% 1,78%
SEB Balanced Pension Fund 1% 1% 1,27%
Swedbank Pension Fund V100 1% 1,15% 1,43%
Swedbank Pension Fund V30 1% 0,95% 1,21%
Swedbank Pension Fund V60 1% 1,05% 1,31%
Swedbank V100 Index Pension Fund (exit restricted) 0% 0,29% 0,90%
Tuleva III Pillar Pension Fund 0% 0,3% 0,45%
  • Issue fee – service fee charged by the fund manager for issuing the units. The issue fee is 0% for all third-pillar pension funds and thus they are not shown in the table.
  • Redemption fee – service fee charged by the fund manager for redeeming units.
  • Management fee – fee for the pension fund manager for managing the pension fund. The management fee does not result in any additional monetary settlements for the unit holder; rather, the unit’s net asset value (NAV) will decrease by the amount of the fee.
  • Total expense ratio – the pension funds’ current fees that include management fees, service charges and transfer costs directly related to conducting transactions, current fees for investments and other management related fees and costs specified in the fund prospectus or conditions.