Pension account

The pension account is a personal account of the person who has subscribed to the mandatory funded pension, which holds information regarding his or her second pillar: applications submitted, funds chose, contributions made, units of pension funds acquired, data of the units and payments.

There are two options for opening a pension account:

  • The pension account is opened on the basis of the choice application immediately after the choice application is received by the Estonian Central Securities Depository. The choice applications are received by the Depository through banks, internet bank or My Account of the Pension Centre.
  • The pension account is opened on the basis of the data received from the Tax Board if the obligated person, who was born after 1 January 1983 has become 18 years old and has started working, but by the time of his or her first salary payment, has failed to submit the choice application to subscribe to the funded pension. This is called subscribing by drawing of lots.

It is possible to receive a statement on the status of the pension account, check the contact data, order notifications and review transactions made during a period of interest.

The units of several different pension funds maybe on the pension account.

The entire information on the pension account is available at the My Account environment of the Pension Centre web page, in the internet bank or upon request from a bank office.