Funded pension register

The Estonian funded pension register keeps account of Your subscription to a funded pension as Estonian Pension Register. The Register will register the funded pension applications submitted by You, the funds chosen, the contributions paid, the pension fund units acquired, payments made, funds replaced and other procedures related to the funded pension.

In addition to the information about funded pensions, the Estonian Pension Register (hereinafter the Register) also keeps account of the securities and information related to the securities of a person. The registrar of the Estonian Pension Register is AS Pensionikeskus.

  • Companies (issuers), the securities issued by them and the owners of securities (share register, list of shareholders, etc.)
  • Owners of securities and the securities held by them (securities accounts and pension accounts)
  • Acquisition, transfer and pledge of securities
  • The set of data pertaining to one person is called an account by the Estonian Pension Register.
  • Securities accounts
  • Pension accounts

The Register is maintained and information is processed in compliance with the following legal acts:

Estonian Pension Register is the main register of the state, the main function is the deposit of mandatory and voluntary pension fund units in a dematerialized (electronic) form. and pension accounts opened in Estonia.
In the Pension Register, processing of information necessary for the realization of transactions and registration of ownership of securities is carried out. The register also includes securities transactions history.

Maintainer of the register is AS Pensionikeskus. It is a subsidiary company of Nasdaq CSD SE.

Contact details

AS Pensionikeskus
Address: Maakri 19, Tallinn 10145
Telephone: +372 6 408 886
Fax: +372 6 408 801